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Purposes and activities of the Association

The association attends to organization of concerts, competitions, conferences, seminars, events, leisure activities in cultural background, publications printed and on the web, in order to spread the musical culture, as well as to raise awareness and bring bands of ever more extensive public. Care for twenty years the Music “Pietro Argento International Competition”, in collaboration with the Culture Department of the City of Gioia del Colle, Teatro Rossini and Department for the Mediterranean Region Apulia.
It collaborates with the City of Gioia del Colle, in the management of the technical services of the Teatro Rossini from the 2014-2015 season.
It has active collaborations with organizations (Municipality of Gioia del Colle, Province of Bari, CRSEC), with educational institutes (Elementary School “G. Mazzini” Gioia del Colle and Classical Liceo “Virgilio”, currently adjoining section of the Scientific High School “R . Canudo “Gioia del Colle, which has carried out projects financed by the Authority of Bari, Middle School” Losapio “), Teatro Opera Kismet.
In 2004, the Association made an audio CD of Pietro Argento on commission of’ Department of Culture. The last three years has strengthened the organization and the network for the promotion of the Pietro Argento International Music Competition, through the spreading by means of newsletters and electronic publications as well as through a web with registered domain that allowed online submissions worldwide, with significant expansion of the catchment radius.
Prestigious holdings with an average of more than a hundred members per year, coming from all over Europe and from Korea, Japan, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Azeirbajan, China, Uzbekistan, Armenia and others.
For thirteen years, the Legature festival, which opened in the Foyer of the Teatro Rossini (2005), then in 2005/06, becoming a real season with eight evening concerts, held in the Cine-Theatre Castellano Gioia del Colle and later in the Municipal Theatre Rossini city.


The Association attends the diffusion and promotion of musical culture in all its forms (organization of concerts, competitions, conferences, workshops, exhibitions), pursuing one of its primary purposes, the musical education of young people in schools and out of school, with special attention to the reception – production center.



M° Vito Lobefaro

Artistic Director

Prof.ssa Paola Sorrentino

Registered head office

Via F.lli Rosselli, 1

Gioia del Colle (BA) 70023

Telephone 0803433405

Phone 3281891920 – 3283774229

Fax 0809190223





26th  International Music Competition Pietro Argento,

the musical season “LEGATURE” XX edition,
Youth musical festivals, meetings and conferences, workshops, exhibitions.

Associazione Musicale e Culturale “D.Lobefaro”-via F.lli Rosselli, 1 – 70023 Gioia del Colle (BA) - Tel (+39) 080 3433405