The first unit designed by engineer Felice Ravillon was carried out between 1844 and 1855 on the old warehouse of the former Black Friars’ monastery(the present Town Hall).
It took about fifty years to repair, to partly extend,to alter and refurbish the whole building and only in 1862 it was open to the public as a a theatre, even if the audience had to carry their own seats with them. The works of the final arrangement designed by engineer Vittorio Chiaia were started in 1899 and were completed with magnificent exteriors and the sophisticated fittings of the stalls and the 3 rows of boxes.Soon after World Wor II the theatre was used as a movie house, thus losing its original function,until recently when Architect Dario Morelli has restored the facade,the stage and the rows.
At last the building has been brought back to its original role.

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