Section I Piano
I classified € 600
II classified € 300
III classified € 150

Section II
Pianistic performance
(up to 37 years old)
I classified € 2000 and 1 prize-concert
II classified € 800 and 1 prize-concert
III classified € 400 and 1 prize-concert

Section III Chamber music (no age limits)
scholarship € 1000 ( the best classified with the max. points between group A-B )

Sezione IV Vocal music (no age limits)
scholarship € 1000 ( the best classified with the max. points between group A-B ).

The winners of scolarship will performe in final concert on 1st September 2024 at 8 p.m..
In the event of ex aequo, scholarships will be divided.
Absolute first prize among I, II, III, IV sections, selected by Jury in the final concert will be who will have the max. points not less than 98/100. He/She or the winning ensemble will have Absolute Winner diploma and Plate, “Daniele Lobefaro” Scholarship € 1000 and, n.1 prize-concerts and will be appointed Jury member in the next Competition edition.
A prize will be awarded , moreover, from the critics, plate and 1 prize-concert.
N.5 prize-concerts in the 20th Legature Music Season 2025 to 1st or 2nd classified candidates will be awarded.

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